PEO Solutions

Grow Your Business With Integrity

Our PEO services give you time to build the right team and grow faster so you can compete in today’s competitive market

Let’s Face It

Finding and keeping high-quality people is harder than ever before. 

Every minute lost jumping through employment hoops is holding you back from achieving your vision.

Win back your time and attract the best people

Your all-star team focuses on achieving your vision. Our PEO experts handle your employment administration and compliance. With our help you’ll grow faster, increase revenue and have happier, engaged employees.

Grow with Integrity

Take back your time, take back your focus


Confront Your Challenges

Speak to an Integrity PEO expert about your business challenges


Build Your PEO Plan

Together, we’ll build a PEO solution that works best for you


Grow with Integrity

Partner with Integrity Outsource and focus on what drives you

Human Resources Support and Compliance

Reduce your risk, stay on top of ever-changing regulations


Policies and Procedures

Shape your company’s policies to reflect your culture while staying compliant


Hire to Retire Coverage

HR support for every stage of the employment journey


Audit Assistance

We do the heavy lifting with little to no involvement from your team

Payroll Services

Our dedicated team processes your payroll on time, every time


On-Demand Access

Secure access from any device, anywhere, anytime


Real-time Status Updates

Quickly approve timesheets and payroll and we’ll take care of the rest


Employee Self-Service

Direct access to their tax and payroll documents in English or 


Big-business benefits for small business


Group Health Plans

Diverse plan access for teams of 5 or more


Powerful 401k Plans

Low on Fees, High on Value


Customize Your Benefits

Build attractive packages that fit your growing workforce


Benefits Administration

Intuitive enrollments, automatic payroll deductions and consolidated billing

Workers’ Compensation

Plans that address your exposure and fit your budget


Policy Management

Keep your existing policy or obtain new coverage with access to multiple carriers, make changes as needed and outsource annual audits


Pay As You Go

Pay your premium with each payroll in most cases, eliminating under and over payments


Claims Management

Limit employer liability, return employees to work quickly and reduce claim costs