Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many employees do I need to have in order to use your services?

We best serve companies with 3 to 300 employees. We can handle companies outside of those parameters as well.

2) As a business owner will I give up some control?

You actually should gain control. We remove much of the administrative burden that goes with having employees. This frees up time to focus on more important things.

3) Will my employees now be working for Integrity Outsource?

It will not feel like it. We offer a co-employment model. Integrity Outsource becomes the employer of record for payroll and payroll taxes. The client company (your business) still hires, fires and directly manages the day to day work of the employees. By sharing these employer duties, efficiencies are created that let us both focus on what we do best.

4) How much money will we save?

Our mission is to help you make money. We take paper off your desk and put time on your watch. If you use that time to sell more of your product or service, we will pay for ourselves over and over. As a general rule, making money is better than saving money. Human Resource Administration is not a profit center for business.

5) What if I don’t like it?

We make it easy to get into our relationship and easy to get out. We are a service company. Our hook is our service and we want you to be a satisfied customer. If you aren’t happy we commit to fix it right away. If you decide to leave us, we make it easy to transition elsewhere. Beware of companies that charge big set up fees or have tough cancellation clauses in their service agreement.

6) What do my employees get out of this?

Instant access to group dental, vision, 401(k), 125 cafeteria plan, mini medical and literally thousands of local and national discounts on things used every day. We offer direct deposit, debit cards and voluntary benefits like term life and disability insurance.

7) What do I (as a business owner) get out of it?

You get plenty. Rest easy knowing that we’ve got it covered, We provide “sleep at night” to our business owners, Gain access to expertise in the areas of employment law, human resource administration, benefits and risk management, Consolidate to one vendor which simplifies things, Shift the liability of payroll taxes to us, Offer more robust benefits to your employees, Access to a 401 (k), Roth IRA and other great tools for building your retirement, It is a low risk business decision; if you don’t like it you can quit anytime.