5 Tips for Your New Hire Orientation & Onboarding Program

Creating a strong and positive workplace starts with making sure everyone is on the same page. Having a specific new hire orientation and employee onboarding plan is the best way to make sure that expectations are clear from day one, build trust and communication among your employees, and ensure that new hires feel welcome within your company. Although your specific plan will be designed with the policies, procedures, and other needs of your company in mind, there are several aspects of an effective orientation and onboarding program that apply to any workplace. Here are some of the most important points to cover during a new hire’s first weeks at your company!

Connect With Your New Hire Before His or Her First Day

Once a new hire has accepted an offer, follow up as soon as possible with information and materials that he or she will need in order to prepare for the first day of work. The paper or electronic onboarding packet should include several key pieces of information, such as the employee handbook, benefit information, and other details that he or she will need to thoroughly understand expectations. Be available to answer questions during the period between the time the new hire accepts an offer and his or her first day of work.

Set Up Your New Hire’s Workspace

A little preparation in advance of a new hire’s first day can go a long way toward boosting his or her first impression of the company. Employers should let new hires know what time to arrive and where to park in advance of his or her first day. They will also need to set up his or her workstation, computer, phone, and access to programs and the company intranet before he or she arrives in order to ensure a smooth first day.

Your New Hire’s First Day

The majority of a new hire’s first day will be spent in orientation mode. Spend this day introducing your new hire to key people, showing him or her around the building, and setting him or her up for a successful first week. Be sure to show the new hire how to use your company website and any other relevant technology, go over company objectives and expectations, and complete any necessary paperwork that has not yet been submitted. Don’t forget to show the new hire where the restrooms are and where they can get coffee or snacks. It sounds minor, but it allows your new hire to feel at home, which can help to ease first day jitters. If you have company swag, offer it up!

Training Your New Hire

A new hire’s second day at work will generally consist of more training, which may continue throughout the first week and beyond depending on the complexity of his or her position. If you haven’t already shown your new hire how to log onto your computers, email, telephone, voice mail, and other software programs, now is the time to do so. Review any salary-related policies and procedures, such as payment schedules, how to log time and submit expenses, salary advancement opportunities, benefits, incentives, and bonuses.

Stay In Touch During Your New Hire’s First Month

A new hire’s first month of work is his or her most crucial time when it comes to forming good habits that best contribute to the employer’s company and feeling comfortable in your workplace. Be sure to periodically discuss individual and company goals, let the new hire know what he or she is doing well, and offer constructive suggestions for improvement in both informal conversations and formal evaluations. It’s critical that new hires fully understand how their role directly impacts the overall success of the company. This communication helps a new hire learn and builds mutual trust and understanding, which can go a long way toward long-term success and his or her ability to handle problems that come up over time. Establish an open-door policy to make new hires feel comfortable communicating with you. This is particularly important since the time may come that employees will need to come to you with something serious, and they need to know they have your support. 

At Integrity Outsource, we care about helping family business owners throughout Arizona build strong workplaces, which starts with creating an informative and helpful orientation and onboarding program. Contact us today to speak with one of our HR professionals about how you can plan proactive steps that will set your new hires up for success during their first days and months with your company or subscribe to our blog to stay in touch!

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